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Bitterroot Mule Company
is dedicated to the positive promotion of the Mule and Donkey. We take every opportunity to educate the public to the special characteristics and talents of mules and donkeys. We especially take pride in the Jacks that we stand and the resulting mules and donkeys we have bred. We invite you to inspect our Jacks on this website and at the farm. We know you will like what you see.
Larry and Fran Howe have been breeding their jacks to quality registered mares for over 30 years. Their passion for mules and donkeys began in the Bitterroot Valley in Montana in 1979 when they acquired there herd sire Blue Zebulon.
stand 3 jacks that continue to produce the quality mules that we began producing with "Zeb" who sadly passed away this year.
In 1984 Bitterroot Mule Company moved to their present location near Bennett, Colorado where we now
With Larry's interest and skills in the driving area, we drive single and teams in shows, parades, farm days, and what ever driving activities that come our
way. Along with the driving activities Fran rides in both western and english disciplines. She and Spider Dee have participated in local Dressage and 3 Day Eventing shows, given demonstrations, and continue to educate the public to the versality of the modern day mule.